Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum/maximum height and weight required to use the service?

To use the service, you have to be from 1.45 to 1.95 m tall and weigh less than 120 kg

Is there a minimum age for using Vélobleu?

The minimum age is 14 years. Warning! Minors who use the service do so under their parents’ responsibility.

Do I need special insurance to use the service?

You are covered by your civil liability insurance.

How do I contact Vélobleu?

Four main channels:

  • The website, section “Contact us”;
  • Allo Vélobleu on 04 93 72 06 06, a dedicated number for Vélobleu;
  • By post: Vélobleu – BP 105 – 06102 Nice Cedex 2;
  • By going to a Vélobleu reception agency in Nice, Agence Thiers, 17 avenue Thiers (open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 7 pm. Closed Sundays and on national holidays). In Cagnes-sur-Mer, Agence Ligne d’Azur, 17 avenue Renoir (open Tuesday to Friday, 9 am to 12 noon and 2 to 5.30 pm. Closed Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays and on national holidays).
When can I call Allo Vélobleu?

The Allo Vélobleu phone enquiry service (04 93 72 06 06) is permanently accessible via an interactive voice server. It enables you to get information on rates or to report a problem. For specific requests requiring contact with a tele-advisor, the service is available Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm, except on national holidays.

How do I pay for the cost of using the service if I keep a bike for over half an hour?
  • If initial payment of the subscription fee was made by cheque or cash: the total amount of use is calculated at the end of the month. It will be debited on the 20th of the following month from the bank account specified in the direct debit authorization
  • If initial payment of the subscription rate was made by credit card: the total amount of use is calculated every 7 days (on Thursdays) and debited from the user’s bank account
What do I do if the station where I want to take a bike is empty?

I activate the app and select the “Find” option which will indicate availabilities in the nearest stations 

What do I do if the station where I want to return a bike is full?

If the station is full, I select the “Find” option. After being shown capacities in the closest stations, I present my card or call the number indicated on the app (free of charge as it does not pick up), benefit from 15 minutes free of charge in which to return my bike to another station. 

What should I do if I cannot take the bike back because the app says I already have a rental underway?

In this particular case, you must immediately report the incident via the contact request available on the website, or call Allo Vélo on 04 93 72 06 06.

What channels are available for making claims?

Except in the above-mentioned case, claims must be made in writing: by using the contact form available on-line, or by post, to the address: Vélobleu – BP 105 – 06102 Nice Cedex 2

How should I report an abandoned or damaged bike?

To report a bike that has been abandoned, either use the on-line contact form, or call Allo Vélobleu at 04 93 72 06 06.  You then give the bike number, its location, and if possible, when you noticed it.

What do I do if the bike I am renting is stolen?

To report a theft, either use the on-line contact form, or call Allo Vélobleu on 04 93 72 06 06.  Indicate the place where you left the bike, the date and time. Then file a complaint within 48 hours and send a copy of this document to Vélobleu – BP 105 – 06102 Nice Cedex 2

How can I check the balance in my user account?

Two possibilities: the website, section “My account”, or by calling Allo Vélobleu on 04 93 72 06 06
I want an explanation regarding one of the rides indicated in my statement, available in the “My account” section. 

How should I proceed ?

The simplest and most practical way is to contact us via the contact form on the website, though you can also call Allo Vélobleu on 04 93 72 06 06. Vélobleu services will then answer your questions

How do I modify my postal address?

Two possibilities: via the website, section “My account”, or by calling Allo Vélobleu on 04 93 72 06 06
I have changed my portable phone number and want to register this new phone as my contact number, replacing the old one. 

How should I proceed?

I call Allo Vélobleu on 04 93 72 06 06

How should I modify my bank details?

If I am registered by Internet or by phone,
I connect to my account and update my bank details,
section “My card”. If I registered by another channel,
I fill in and I sign the registration form again and the
authorization of debit in registration the mention “change
of bank details” and I return the whole to Vélobleu
(BP 105 – 06102 Nice Cedex 2)

Do you offer reduced rates for students?

Yes, you can benefit from a reduction on your annual subscription. Consult our rates to learn more.

What should I do if the bike does not unlock?

If the bike does not unlock on your first attempt, re-boot the application and try again. If you still cannot unlock the bike, follow these instructions:

Make sure you have pressed the ON button on the padlock on the rear wheel. A coloured light should appear.

Make sure you have properly activated your Bluetooth.

If a red light appears on the bike, it is temporarily out of order and our techncial team will soon take the appropriate steps.

If the lock flashes blue, it means that another user has already reserved the bike.

If neither of these cases apply in your situation, the bike must be temporarily out of order, and our technical team will take appropriate action. You can help us by reporting the problem.

My account has been debited 30 €. Why must I pay a deposit?

The deposit of 30 €, paid by credit card, will be reimbursed when you close your account.
This credit card will also be used each week to debit the sums corresponding to any  use of the service beyond what is provided for in your subscription. You can request reimbursement of this deposit at any time by using the “Claim” function on the app. We handle the majority of requests within 48 hrs. As for the legal delay of 15 days, it is systematically observed. Real reimbursement depends on your bank. Some will credit your account within 48 hrs, others can take up to 10 working days.

I have not received my 4-figure validation code.

If you have not received your validation code, click on “I have not received my code” on the subscription page. A new code will be sent to you.

I find my bike a bit slow. What can I do?

Our bikes are specifically set for urban use. They also conform to European standards, and the electric power supply switches off automatically at 25 km/h. If you think your bike has a power supply problem, you can follow these steps to restore its default setting:

  • Pedal backwards for about 10 seconds
  • Switch off the battery
  • Switch the battery back on

In the vast majority of cases, this resolves the problem, allowing you to benefit fully from your ride.

My ride does not end when I press on "End my ride". What should I do ?

Check your smartphone settings to be sure that you have authorized Bluetooth connection, and that you are not connected to any other wireless device.
You can also close then re-boot the e-vélobleu mobile application to try again. If you have tried all these solutions without success, you can secure the bike by pressing twice on the padlock button on the back wheel. This will trigger the closing of the lock. WARNING: you must end your ride using the application. If none of these solutions work, you can call the Customer service to ask an agent to help you lock the bike.

Warning: you are responsible for the bike for as long as the ride has not been ended AND for as long as the padlock has not been locked.

Where can I drop off my bike ?

You can drop it off in all the zones recommended by the app. These zones are defined as locations authorized by municipalities. If you are in a bike parking lot which does not appear in the app, you can declare it quickly so as to be able to use it at once. Bikes should never be dropped off in private bike parking lots, real-estate complexes, apartment residences, underground car-parks or at home. Nor must they obstruct public areas, especially pavements.

What happens if I am not in the right parking zone to lock my bike?

You will not be able to lock your bike and your rental will continue to run. You must make your way to the nearest zone recommended by the app. You can find it on the map on the application.

How do I find the bike I have reserved?

When you successfully reserve your bike, it is the only one that appears on the card, with indications on how to find it. You can depend on the number of the bike indicated by the app. You will find it on the sides of the bike, at the rear. The bike retrieval system offers accuracy that may be affected by perturbations existing within the zone. The bike’s real location may thus vary slightly from that indicated in the app.

How long does my reservation last?

When you select a bike on the map and click on “Reserve”, it is reserved for 10 minutes. This is the time you have to take your bike: it is then automatically made available again for rent. If you think you no longer need your reservation, don’t forget to cancel it.

Is reservation or cancellation of a bike free of charge?

Reservation and cancellation of a reservation are only free of charge for 10 minutes.

Can I use the bike without its electric power?

Yes, the bike can be used with or without its electric power.

Is it possible to rent 2 bikes at the same time with the same phone?

We do not currently offer this possibility. Rental can only be made of one bike at one time by each registered account.

How is the cost calculated?

Without a subscription, the cost is calculated based on the duration for which the bikes are used. Consult our rates to learn more.

Where can I find the statement regarding payment of my subscription and my rides?

You can log into “My profile” on the mobile app. Go to the tab “My rides” to consult a summary. You will also be able to see the summary of your payments or your current rental balance.